What Is Our Philosophy - Innisfree Residential Home

A Day in the life of a Resident

activities-for-residentsHere at Innisfree all of our residents are supported and encouraged to live a happy and fulfilled life. We recognise that each and everyone of you is different, an individual, and therefore all of our care packages are set up with full consultation prior to admission to your new home.

Choice is one of the most important elements we offer each of our residents. From day one ‘the choice is yours’. Throughout the day there is always something to look forward to. Choose to have an early morning ‘wake up’ cup of tea at a time of your choice. What better way to start your day. Or, have that well deserved lie in; after all you don’t have that washing and ironing to do today!

There is an extensive choice of options when it comes to dining. From breakfast until supper time we offer an array of home made, home cooked foods. Imagine sitting at a spacious ‘cottage style’ dining room with the smell of fresh flowers around you, as you await your bacon & eggs! Every meal time is an occasion. A chance for you to ‘dine’ with your newly acquired friends in a comfortable setting. How you spend your day is entirely up to you.

If you like to go out with family, friends or of course on your own then this is your choice. On the other hand you could just relax, put your feet up, drink a cup of coffee, read the daily newspaper and watch the world go by sat in one of our numerous sitting areas or in fact out in the garden. You’ll be sure to see a bird or two!!

Throughout the day time you will always find activities going on, should you wish to join in and have a go. From professional entertainers, organised trips, bingo, dominoes, cards, quizzes, competitions, the list is endless.

Ladies, to keep you looking your best, we have our own professional hairdressing service. In the comfort of your own home you can have a cut and blow dry, wash and set, colour or maybe even a perm. Gents hair is also catered for. We also have a manicure service throughout the week, so you can have your fingernails cut and polished if you require. Don’t forget in between all of this you also have meals to eat, tea to drink, visitors to welcome, the list goes on ……………. And all in one day. Who ever used that term ‘retirement home’? Life is only just beginning!!